VIP Program

The eBash VIP Pass is the ultimate way to game at eBash Game Centers across the country.  Our program rewards our gamers with free gameplay, exclusive swag, discounted prize vaults, and special nights and events catered just to them!

Start your VIP Experience today by visiting an eBash Game Center and purchasing your VIP experience.  Your entire day will be free just for joining the program!*



*Free day passes are automatically used when VIP is renewed or purchased for the first time. These passes are non-transferable and non-redeemable at later dates.

Program Costs & Benefits

Being an eBash VIP is just $20 per month, and includes tons of free gameplay and special benefits.  Here’s what you get!

VIP Pricing Daily

Feel very important when you play. Members have access to discounted prices for our Day Pass, Lock-In, and Special Events.

Discount Prize Vault

Earn ggCircuit game coins while you play, and cash them in for free game time, concessions, swag, and more.  VIPs get special pricing for certain Vault prizes.

  Find out more about coins.

VIP T-Shirt

Once you join the program for your first time, you get a free t-shirt to commemorate your elite status.  Other swag opportunities will come up from time to time as well, and VIPs get dibs.

VIP Flash Events

Watch us on social media for VIP Flash Events, which are random days where VIPs can come enjoy gaming for free.  

Can I Buy Online?

Soon!  We are currently working on a system to allow for online management of your VIP program.  For now, please visit your local eBash to get started!