• mom

    I am trying to see the cameras in Charleston.IL and nothing is coming up…?…

    • The folks in Charleston are still working on getting their camera feed posted online.  Everything is recording throughout the store but the system they are using doesn’t have an easy way to publish the feeds to the website.  Hopefully they will get something worked out soon as it is a big feature for our Terre Haute store.

  • Ghost

    most fun Ive had all year!

  • no your go damn business

    k dude Thats kinda creepy you had the camera pointeeeeeedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed at me

  • another mom

    this is neat…just wish I could find my son!! 🙁

  • *

    Who’s playing Deepak Chopra?

  • my mom 124

    are they closed ?

  • Andrew Shield

    Ebash has all the nipples.

  • Dawn Depasse

    My son Nick Burnett goes there a lot, don’t let him play M for Mature Games! He has nightmares!

  • shelly samples

    I am trying to see the feeds in terrehaute, but it keeps saying I am blocked

  • Kevin Moody

    zombiehunter all you of fun

  • Aquavius Marie Metts

    50 minutes until it’s open can’t wait

  • auvelle metts

    Hey is a girl named Hailey there

  • Emilie Stewart

    Hi hi

  • Brett Fagin

    You guys are a bunch of bitches I went there and they wouldn’t even let me stay so fuck off fuck yourself and continue sitting on big black dildos bitch

    • eBash Management

      Thank you for confirming we made the correct choice in refusing you admittance into our Lock-in tonight. You’ll be glad to know that because of this post, storming out of our store slamming our doors open, and the initial occurrence you are not allowed on our premises at any future time.