National pro series team allotted to Wabash Valley

In addition to all of the amenities that eBash provides to the Terre Haute video game community, it will now be home to the Wabash Valley Highlanders for the national pro series competition through Zehn Masters, a press release said. The competition will take place between 16 different teams across the United States and include […]

DotA 2 Viewing Party “The International”

<div>We will be showing the The Internatinal tournament as well as having some fun scrims and pub matches. We will also be raffling off item sets. There will be pizza provided and drinks are available for purchase right in the store.<br /><br /> Full details are below! For more info and updates on events we […]

eBash DotA 2 Cup

eBash here bringing you more Dota 2 action. This time we are having a FREE, yes free, Dota 2 LAN tournament here in our store. Our goal as a group is to boost the local Dota 2 community and create fun events for everyone. We are going competitive this time with a $400 prize pool […]

eBash Is About to Cast Off

The addition of a new video streaming studio in the eBash Indianapolis location, has allowed us to start offering up some high quality streaming abilities online. For those interested you can see these streams directly from on the eBash channel. Besides the ability to stream our in-store competitive tournaments we will also be providing […]