Redemption Program FAQ


What are coins?
Coins are a special currency players earn while they play at eBash.
How do I earn coins?
Players earn 50 coins for every hour they play at eBash.
What can I do with my coins?
You can redeem you coins for prizes, concessions, or entry into special events.
Can I see my coin values online?
You can use the ggCircuit link here to view your coin values ggCircuit User Search

Earning more coins

What games can I earn more coins in?
You can link these games to earn more coins: Dota 2 and League of Legends ranked matches
How do I connect game accounts to earn more coins?
You can create your ggCircuit account at For a better walkthrough of how to do this you can view the video below.

How to create a ggCircuit account and link it with your eBash account

Linking your ggCircuit account to Steam for Dota 2 and more

If I'm a good player what's the max potential coins I can earn?
For each game in the redemption program we have a custom formula based on your performance in-game. So if your a great player your coin rewards will reflect that. We see players earn roughly 1000 coins per day.
When will you add more games?
ggCircuit adds more games to the redemption system periodically. Along with new features and ways for you to utilize your coins.

Prizes and Stats

What prizes are available?
Any and all prizes in stock in our prize vault are available to redeem with coins. In addition to the prize vault you can redeem coins for concessions eBash sells.
Is there a limit on prizes?
Prizes have no limits on them.
Can I see my stats online?
You can use the ggCircuit link here to view your coin values ggCircuit User Search
Can I search other players info?
You can use the ggCircuit User Search

Competition with coins

What's the difference between local and global competition?
Local competitions happen between all the players at eBash. While global competitions take place between all players in ggCircuit.
How do I create a team for a tournament?
The video walk-through below explains the team creation process.