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Racers will compete in Dirt 2, which is a great game in HD that runs in LAN mode (no internet required as we run these on generators out in the middle of the infield at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway). This game is great for all skills and ages with an arcade style but yet enough of a simulation experience that presents a learning curve to keep the die hard race fans engaged! Kids, Moms, Grandparents and everyone will want to settle their racing grudges in races together!

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Product Details

This product reserves a King of the Hill pass on one of our custom racing seats to play Dirt 2 in the Racing Simulator section of the eBash Planet Comicon Gaming Zone. Not only can you play regular matches, but you can attempt to achieve the fastest race time across the whole Gaming Zone. Customers with this reservation will be able to move to the front of the waiting line and play immediately without waiting to buy a ticket at the Gaming Zone check-in counter.

Our King of the Hill format works like this. 

  • Winner becomes the new King
  • Winners get to stay and play another match
  • Wins by the King are tracked and given points
  • Wins in matches containing 3 or more human players are worth 50 points
  • Wins in matches containing 2 or more CPU players are worth 25 points
  • Awards given to Kings that earn X points
  • Overall King Trophy awarded to the top King of the Hill at Planet Comicon