eBash Terre Haute VIP Re-Launch Pack


$35 Per Pack

This pack is jammed with goodies for the re-launch of the VIP program at eBash Terre Haute. Don’t miss your chance to get extra perks with this VIP pack.

1.) Reserve your eBash Terre Haute username (if applicable).
2.) 60 days of eBash VIP access* ($60 value)
3.) 10 free gaming hours ($30 value)
4.) Two free VIP days ($20 value)
5.) Free Wabash Valley Highlanders (Esports Team) T-Shirt ($15 value)

You get all of this, a $125 value for $35!!!

*eBash VIP is a program that is a monthly cost. It allows you $5 off day passes, $5 off lock-ins (when applicable) and $5 off special events (when applicable). Each month to continue VIP access you will renew your membership at a $20 value after the initial 60 days of this special package.

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Product Details

We’re super excited to announce the re-launch of eBash Terre Haute VIP program! This VIP Launch pack gives you a $125 value at the new eBash for only $35.

You will be allowed to reserve your gamer tag (username), get 60 days of VIP, 10 gaming hours, 2 free VIP day passes and a Wabash Valley Highlanders T-Shirt.


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