• Flaw Decay

    How do you sign up for this Tournament cuz me and 3 others are going to it:)

  • Max

    Make another DotA2 tournament with a prize pool this time please! 😀

    • Bojan

      there was a dota 2 tournament? :O

  • Ginny Burns

    Are you open at the new location yet?

    • Zack Johnson

      We hope to start moving equipment to the new location next week! Mid to Late October is what we are hoping to be ready to invite customers to start testing the systems.

  • Bryce

    Is this some sort of gaming cafe? If this is true, I’m very freakin ecstatic !

    • eBash

      It’s a modern arcade. We’ll have over 100 stations with consoles, pcs and much more!

  • oNordy

    Looking for a team!!! Add GT: oNordy have LAN exp!!!

    • Ztxxzus

      Are you goin to this event??

  • Ya Boi

    Is the castleton store open yet? It’s about time eh?

  • travis

    my wife the manager for marco’s pizza on 71 benford she makes pizzas for EBASH she said the place is great

  • HotDunk

    Hey, why is eBash so Xbox-centric? Do you guys have PS3s? Those of us with PS3 arcade sticks would appreciate being able to play fighting games with our preferred stick.

  • Bojan

    please focus more on Dota 2, it is much bigger than LoL, and you guys are the only place we could meet each other and maybe play inhouse tournaments!

  • Carebearr

    I drive past this place all the flippin time and still hardly know what it is….i should probably just stop and see…it catches my eye everytime i pass it which is alot since i work down the street.

    • Zack Johnson

      Hehe… we are a mysterious place! Full of surprises! Everyone who comes in is blown away because most people expect for us to be just a store that sells games. Stop in and say hi sometime!

  • daenku32

    I know I may in the minority of people who like racing games, but if there are bunch of others please let me know. I would love for them to get a nice racing setup, but I’m sure they would like people interested in it first.

    • Zack Johnson

      Great idea, this is actually something we are looking at doing with our racing simulators for the winter months at each store. We could hook them into the gaming PCs and get some iRacing leagues going!

      • daenku32

        You’d get at least 4h a week from me, minimum.

  • Jessica Lucchesi

    Great place my son and his friends drive from Grand Rapids MI, a few times a year to play! He’s there right now. You guys should open up more locations!

  • Drew

    Any chance of a CSGO tourney? I’m pretty big into the game.

  • mike

    Cod Tourney???

  • Gamer mom

    Would be great to have some classes or events on weekends for the younger set -my son is 10- to get them thru the winter.

  • Jonathan

    When is the next Advanced Warfare event?

    • Zack Johnson

      March 14.

      • Jonathan

        is that set in stone?

      • Jonathan

        When can i buy a team pass for the aw event and how much would it be?

        • Zack Johnson
          • Jonathan

            Is there a hotel deal for the event if so how much and where?

          • Zack Johnson

            There are hotels all around the venue within 1-2 blocks and there is quite a good range of cheap to medium rates.

          • Jonathan

            I just bought the team pass when can we see if we are in?

  • Jonathan

    How do you know that your team is in? I just bought a team pass!

    • Zack Johnson

      You are good, came through just fine!

      • Jonathan

        Do we have to bring out profile on a flashdrive sorry its our first time lol

        • Zack Johnson

          No, you can recover your account. Flash drives have to be at 3.0 and at least 250GB to work on the Xbox One. Just bring your copy of the game, or if you own it digitally then you can just play it once you recover your account.

          • Jonathan

            How much is a spectator pass and where can i buy one?

          • Dustin Dudley

            Spectator passes can be purchased at the venue the day of the tournament. They usually range in the $10 range.

          • Zack Johnson

            Usually “range in the $10 range.” is the quote of the day. Jonathan passes will be $10 at the door for specators.

          • Dustin Dudley

            I’ll range you

          • Jonathan

            Are roster changes allowed?

          • Dustin Dudley

            You’re allowed substitutes but they have to be registered at the same time as your regular roster. Once the tournament begins no one else is allowed to play for your team besides what was registered. Once a sub has began play in a match you cannot switch them out for that match.

          • Jonathan

            Ok so if i show up with my substitute it will be allowed

          • Dustin Dudley

            As long as they are registered with your team at the same time. Substitutes not on a teams roster will not be allowed.

          • Jonathan

            When i bought the team pass i didnt put him on the team we are just swapping someone

          • Dustin Dudley

            You’ll sign in on tournament day and register your roster. Just have the details used when the team pass was purchased ready.

          • Jonathan

            is that ok?

  • OPMI Red

    are there still team spots available for the march 14th cod tournament?

    • Zack Johnson


  • Cpredline

    Is there any COD AW SnD tournaments coming up soon?

  • Realm-prog

    Where are results for the March 14/15 – 2015 Indy tournament? Thanks

  • Hoodzie25

    I wanna come check out this place I drive buy it ALL the time…. I am looking for gamers in Indy. I cant wait seems very interesting. GOnna try and stop in today or tomorrow

    • Zack Johnson

      When you go by ask for Jason or Creed and tell them that want to try it out for free for an hour. You can make an account and start working on linking your in-game accounts and building up your coin balance.

  • J Walker Beats

    How much do the lock ins cost?

    • Dustin Dudley

      The Friday Lock-ins are $25 before 8PM, comes with Pizza and a drink, and $15 after 8 PM, doesn’t come with any food or drink.

      The Saturday Lock-ins are $20 before 8 PM and $15 after 8PM and both don’t include food.

  • Karen

    What time is the actual costume contest today at the Indianapolis Convention Center – not pre-judging but actual costume contest?

  • Aidan .M

    Can you start a tourney with enough people there or do you have to register for one b4 hand?

  • Steve

    Hey Zack, how are you looking to expand to other parts of the country?

  • Josh

    When is the next event?

  • Dibble

    I plan to bring my grandson & his friend there during their spring break. If they want to use the xbox systems, do they need to reserve ahead of time, or what is the procedure? (we do NOT
    live near Indy). Thanks!

  • Kristin

    So excited about the possible Summer Create and Play possibilities! Can’t wait to register!

  • Mitchell

    I’m just glad to maybe be able to meet some people that like games like me and socialize and have fun on the games

  • Zach Ellis

    Looks like a lot of fun, though would I be able to come and play SC2 even though it’s not one of the games you have events for?

    • Paddy

      Yes you could. They have a plethora of games to choose from on their pc’s. Only thing is you have to own the ones on Battle.net

  • Thomas Hoffmeier

    i would like to come to the center with my teammates to practice. I play competitive call of duty on xbox one. what do I need to bring/can we play online with others at the center?

    • Thomas Hoffmeier

      or online with others around the world?

    • eBash Management

      You’re more than welcome to bring your own controller and headset. We have the systems and monitors. We sell time by the hour.

  • Jose Luis Rey Rivera

    When is the next locking

  • Matt Marshalek

    I would like to come into the center to play CSGO competitively on ESEA with my team. Would I be able to have ESEA client installed? Teamspeak? Would I be able to bring my 144Hz monitor? If not for ESEA would I be able to bring my own PC travel with me?

  • zangoman5249

    Is ebash open again? I was there at the firs topening of ebash back in indiana and ive seen it go through alot of changes