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Everything at eBash is priced based on hours that you play. If you purchase hours those will never expire until they are used. If you purchase three hours for $10 today and only use 1 hour, then the next time you come to eBash you will still have 2 hours of time on your account. Day passes and Night passes expire at the end of that business day and do not carry forward. The following is our standard rate sheet:

Gameplay Rates

One Hour $4.00
Three Hours $10.00
Five Hours $15.00

VIP Member Pricing

We give special treatment to our VIP members. VIP members are those who frequent eBash and have joined our program to save money each time they play at eBash. The cost for joining is $20 which includes a day pass. After that it is only $10 per month to keep your VIP pass active. VIP members enjoy the following pricing:Day Pass Sunday – Thursday $10.00 Day Pass Friday – Saturday $15.00 Night Pass Friday – Saturday $10.00 10 Hours (unused hours do not expire) $20.00
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