Gears of War 3 Tournament Gametypes/Settings

I want to address the “Execution Only” thing right now so that you guys don’t waste good practice time worrying about it. MLG is watching these big LAN events and we REALLY need everyone’s support in playing the settings we have posted and giving constructive feedback once the event is over. I have written quite a few blog articles over the years about how the competitive side needs to meet retail requirements and super custom settings for MLG is a VERY BAD THING for long term support from publishers and developers. If you want to be competitive and MAKE MONEY in these events in the long term it has to translate to more open-mindedness about new and different settings.

Epic is watching and listening and is very willing to work with the competitive side to mold their ranked matchmaking to a happy medium between the old school competitive side and the super easy tons-of-power weapons side the public is used to in gaming.

That being said, yes I have played and agree with the points you are all making against the new gametypes. We will take it easy and make each best-of-3 series play as execution, KoTH or TD and then execution. That way every team is guaranteed one execution match for sure in the series and any tiebreaker will be execution.

So let’s move forward, we don’t need to have a vote or campaign for getting the settings changed. Let’s concentrate on having an awesome weekend and enjoying the start of a long running set of tournaments at eBash for GoW3. Many past pro teams have passed through our doors in our past Gears tournaments and gone on to become my lifelong friends so I look forward to meeting many of you this weekend to see who might be next. 🙂