eBash Peoria Opening Soon

Published by Dustin on

We are working feverishly on completing a retrofit of a theater screen for eBash Peoria. In partnership with the Landmark Recreation Center we are building an esports arena in an amphitheater inside of their 17 screen movie theater complex, which screen can be used in combination with projectors for outdoor movies.  Below are progress photos of the current build. The plan is that we will start having a soft opening of the esports arena in November 2017 in a couple weeks.

About eBash Peoria

Numbers are a moving target but the plan is to have 33 high end gaming PCs, 16 XBox One stations, and 24 available PS4 stations. Players interested in getting a head start at eBash Peoria can purchase a VIP Launch Pack that provides them many incentives. It is a $125 value for $35 dollars. Gives them the ability to reserver their gamer name, 60 day VIP access, 10 free gaming hours, 2 free VIP days, and a Peoria Steelcats (esports team) t-shirt.

What will you offer?

eBash Peoria will be just like other eBash Game Centers before it. We will offer both hourly and all day gaming. Most likely there will be lock-ins and special events. Some HUGE esports tournaments are planned including the latest Zehn Masters series . The movie screen will stay in tact and will show a combination of media and entertainment. Most likely ggCircuit statistics, Twitch streams, competitive esports content and movies. Because it is inside a movie complex we may do combinations of gaming AND a movie at the same time!

More about the esports arena

The employees at Landmark cinemas are ecstatic to welcome eBash Peoria. What we love about it is that it will be automatically integrated into their existing theater business. Game time, day passes, etc. will be purchased at the ticket counter. What better way to provide parents something for their kids to do while they watch a movie. Send the kids to the esports arena to play while they enjoy a movie.