eBash eVent Roundup July 29th

The Terre Haute South Squad after the ggCircuit High School League Tournament

This Saturday at eBash was another eVent packed weekend!

Students from Terre Haute South High School banded together to compete in the ggCircuit High School League League of Legends tournament. Facing off against students from St. Francis High School in New York the Terre Haute South team put up a good fight against the more coordinated New York High School Team. They managed to get second place in the High School League Tournament.





Pictured Third Place: Divine; Second Place: RegularMarcus; First Place mrhecticgamer

Our second event this weekend was eBash’s second Injustice 2 tournament. Twelve fighters from across the midwest clashed against each other until a winner was crowned. After heated matches in both the winners and losers bracket and a bracket reset mrhecticgamer was victorious over all challengers and took home first place. Large upsets from the previous tournament’s top players, none of which managed to place this time around. Atrocitus, Cheetah, and Darkseid were winning picks in this clash of gods.






Daejen with the custom E-Blue Mouse he won participating in Week 6 of ggCircuit Season 6
Derek with one of two Gen Con 50 badges we gave away this weekend

Along with eBash’s ever growing list of tournaments we gave away great prizes this weekend! Daejen was a winner of one of the ggCircuit Season 6 Week 6 prizes. He’ll be taking home with him a custom E-Blue gaming mouse. There are two more weeks left in ggCircuit Season 6, players have the opportunity to win prizes like Daejen’s if they link their League of Legends or Dota 2 accounts and play ranked matches at eBash. Easy work to have a chance to earn your very own mouse, keyboard, or headsets!

Not only have we been giving gamers the chance to win cool gear we’ve also been giving them chances to win a shot at going to the almost sold-out Gen Con 50 in Indy! This weekend we drew the names for two passes to this record breaking event. Derek and Jena were the winners! eBash will also be at Gen Con in August breaking their own records by setting up the biggest Video Game Zone in the Midwest during the 4-Day convention!