COG Nationals


Game: Gears of War 3
Date: Saturday April 21 at 1 PM EST
Type: Doubles Tournament
Style: Double Elimination
Entry: $15 per person entry fee
Extras: Raffles and prizes TBA
Winner: CASH PRIZE! (50% of entry fee)


4min – 4 rounds
First to 3 best of 3
Bleed out 15
Friendly Fire On
Weapon respawn-After Pickup

Maps: Checkout,Gridlock,Hotel,Trenches, Old Town*
Cheackout swaps- Default
Gridlock swaps- Smoke for Ink
Hotel swaps- Default
Trenches swaps- Scorcher for Digger & Digger for Frags
Old Town swaps-Default

*Maps may be added at the discretion of the LAN center