National pro series team allotted to Wabash Valley

In addition to all of the amenities that eBash provides to the Terre Haute video game community, it will now be home to the Wabash Valley Highlanders for the national pro series competition through Zehn Masters, a press release said. The competition will take place between 16 different teams across the United States and include […]

DotA 2 Viewing Party “The International”

<div>We will be showing the The Internatinal tournament as well as having some fun scrims and pub matches. We will also be raffling off item sets. There will be pizza provided and drinks are available for purchase right in the store.<br /><br /> Full details are below! For more info and updates on events we […]

League of Legends Tournament – April 2014

[accordions clearStyle=true] [accordion title=”Brackets”] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Date”] When: April 5th Time: Facilities will open at 11 AM EST; 10 AM CST. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Locations”] This tournament will take place at our 3 Indiana locations(Click the links for Google Maps): Evansville, Indianapolis, and Terre Haute [/accordion] [accordion title=”Payout”]Prize distribution: 1st – 60% 2nd – 30% 3rd […]

Employee Spotlight: Dustin “ShaolinBum” Dudley

Q: What was your first experience with eBash? A: My first eBash experience was a Halo 2 tournament in February of 2005. Halo 2 had just come out that past November and Xbox LIVE was blowing up big time with people playing online. Like most kids who thought they were hot stuff online my team […]

Employee Spotlight: Mike Majors

Meet one of eBash’s newest employees Mike Majors. Mike is a new employee at the newly reopened Evansville store. Give him a big welcome. Q: What’s your favorite game? Why? What makes you roll out of bed and say I want to play that all day?  A: Age of Empires: Gold.  Why?  It was my […]

Sunday Sports Spectacular

eBash is embracing the digital jock in us all with our Triple S gauntlet of games. The Sunday Sports Spectacular is an 8 week long chain of tournaments across many different sports titles. At the end of the 8 weeks the overall sultan of sports titles will be awarded their very own trophy signifying their […]