National pro series team allotted to Wabash Valley

In addition to all of the amenities that eBash provides to the Terre Haute video game community, it will now be home to the Wabash Valley Highlanders for the national pro series competition through Zehn Masters, a press release said. The competition will take place between 16 different teams across the United States and include […]

Thanksgiving 48-Straight 2012

Players can reserve any 48 Hour or 24 Hour Spot for only $10 and get $5 off the cost! 48-Straight Full Pass Cost: $45 VIP ($55 Regular) Time: 8 AM Friday – 8 AM Sunday Food: Pizza and Drink Friday and Saturday nights, Donuts and Juice/Milk Saturday and Sunday mornings Bonus: Limited Edition T-shirt 24-Hour […]