White Bantha Christmas Lock-in 2014

We had no idea what we were starting three years ago when we came up with the first ever eBash White Bantha lock-in. It has almost been three years since that event and players have asked about this year’s Christmas lock-in all year-long! PLEASE NOTE: Each year we have to turn away people at the door because […]

eBash 10th Birthday Weekend Celebration Review

Our 10th birthday weekend was so amazing! Thanks to everyone for coming out the past 5 days and helping us celebrate 10 years of gaming at eBash. We gave away tens of thousands of hours of FREE gaming to help our customers spend the next 10 years gaming with us! From our birthday weekend celebration here […]

GG Circuit LoL December 2014 Tournament

Location = All participating GG Circuit LAN Centers (see list below) Date = December 13th Prizes = $2000 Total (1st – 4th) 1st – $1,000, 16,000 RP, and Triumphant Ryze Skin$200, 3200 RP, and Triumphant Ryze skin for every player 2nd – $500 and 12,000 RP $100 and 2400 RP per player 3rd – $300 and […]

10 Year Anniversary, 100 Day Celebration of eBash

Hello eBash friends and family! It is hard to believe, but we are quickly approaching the 10 year anniversary for eBash.  eBash was started on December 10, 2004 with our first 48-straight weekend in a warehouse close to the location of our current Terre Haute store.  We had 43 gamers show up that weekend to […]

eBash Turns 10!!

This Wednesdayis eBash’s 10th Birthday!  Here is what we have planned and there is no EXCUSE for you to not help us celebrate: Wednesday we are celebrating our 10th birthday by releasing our new eBash 10.0 system!  This new system earns you coins while you play at the store.  The coins can be redeemed for prizes […]

Madden 15 Tournament @ Drake’s

Free to enter December 8th Registration begins at 6 PM, Matches begin at 7 PM PRIZES 1st: Two tickets to the 12/14/2014 Colts vs Texans Game and $100 NFL Alumni Super Bowl Trip Raffle Ticket 2nd: Two tickets to the 12/14/2014 Colts vs Texans Game What else is going on at Drake’s during the tournament: […]